points for you to measure the advantages and disadvantages of a car sound horn
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Time: 2018/1/15

1, output power, power problem most of the car sound horn employees know not clear, here need to explain one by one:

A, rated output power, called (RMS), refers to the maximum output power that the audio signal output in the amplifier can output in the total harmonic distortion range. It is generally 0.707 times the peak of the AC signal.

B, average power and average power generally refer to the average power consumption of each frequency point, which is similar to the rated output power, but it usually refers to time.

C, peak output power and maximum power output of power amplifier are called peak output power. They do not consider distortion, usually about 1.414 times of RMS power.

D, peak to peak power, it is the peak power of the peak voltage to the negative voltage, it is four times the peak output power. It comes from the commercial purpose of the manufacturer and has no practical significance.

2, the larger the signal to noise ratio, the better the value. Generally, it is expressed by (S/N). The decibel number of the signal power Ps and the noise power Pn is expressed. S/N=10lgPs/Pn=20lgVs/Vn (DB), Vs and Vn are signal voltage and noise voltage respectively. As the signal to noise ratio and the input signal level increase, the signal to noise ratio is also gradually increased, but when the input signal level reaches a certain value, the signal to noise ratio is basically kept unchanged.

3, harmonic distortion, which is one of the most important indicators of the power amplifier, the harmonic distortion is a kind of nonlinear distortion, which is caused by the nonlinear characteristics of the amplifier, the distortion is the result of new harmonic components, so that the voice lost its original tone, serious voice breaking, harsh hair. Harmonic distortion also has odd and even times. Odd harmonics can make people annoy, dislike, and are easily perceived.

4, the damping coefficient, mainly for low frequency, is a very important technical parameter that directly affects the sound quality of the bass. As everyone knows, the horn of the larger diameter, bass relatively better, but the greater the inertia cone increases the inertia and make it difficult for audio signal synchronous movement, often show the voice of muddy unclear, especially in the low frequency 100-400Hz, easy to cause coloration, makes sounds vague, very natural. Some of the restructured car sound horn bass horn, low frequency signal strong time flutter more than, low sound trailing serious, this is the sound basin inertia caused.