What's the notice of choosing a car loudspeaker
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Time: 2018/1/15

Most customers do not know how to screen when choosing a car soprano. Are they selected according to size or material? In fact, these are important factors to consider in the selection process, but the key point is "power". Here we will introduce how to filter.


First of all, we should consider the power and make clear the two indexes of the normally nominal power: the maximum power and the continuous output power (RMS). Some customers are accustomed to using the maximum power to judge the good and bad of a car soprano, which is a very unscientific method of judging. The nominal value of the maximum power is the power value which does not occur in physical damage or electrical damage in a very short time (usually only a few milliseconds) without considering the distortion. The continuous output power (RMS) is the power that can continue to work steadily without distortion. Only this value can truly reflect the working state of the horn.


Car soprano front and back


Next, we should pay attention to the selection of power. The continuous output power of the power amplifier is smaller than that of the tweeter, which will easily cause the damage of the car's tweeter. Because if the power output of the amplifier is 100W, when the system is connected, once the volume knob is adjusted, the output power is about 100W, and the power amplifier is at full load. The tweeter has a lot of allowance. Once the user continues to increase the volume, the output power exceeds the continuous output power of the power amplifier, that is the time when distortion starts to happen. This distortion is known as "clipping distortion". Even if the power is very small, such a distorted signal can generate electric signals similar to DC, and it can easily destroy the voice coil.


So in order to ensure that the car loudspeakers can be used normally, everyone in the purchase, will the power factor in the first place, according to your actual needs to select the right power, of course, but also in the process of the size, material and other factors to consider in this to buy the most suitable car tweeter.