Use of vehicle horn loudspeaker
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Time: 2018/1/15

The vehicle speaker loudspeaker is more important in the car sound system. To make car vehicle horn speakers show excellent tone and positioning, compared with home audio, technical requirements and difficulties are much higher. Unfavorable factors of vehicle on-board speaker many and complex, because in the vehicle interior space, there are some not in the house of the unfavorable factors: the narrow space, irregular objects, complex environment (noise, vibration, vehicle materials etc.) and vehicle horn loudspeaker installation position (from the inside and outside of the car styling limit);


It is more important to the poor position, the left and right two party; and because the car horn loudspeaker to not positive average symmetry, resulting in complex frequency, phase difference between peak and trough, standing wave, reflection moveout, reverberation time is too long (resonance) and so on, is not conducive to the listening problems. Nevertheless, we still can understand the sound system equipment properties, uses, categories, compatibility and vehicle speaker characteristics, and correct installation experience and skills, correct installation position with different bandwidth car speaker, maintain its good directivity, and power amplifier compatible technical regulation school, finally get good results.